My Gadget Life – Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of

The Fisher Price telephone was the iPhone of the pre-school generationIt was my first gadget memory – I took it with me everywhere.My LED binary

The Fisher Price telephone was the iPhone of the pre-school generation

It was my first gadget memory – I took it with me everywhere.

My LED binary watch makes strangers talk to me

Although truthfully, but boringly the iPhone is the one gadget that I can’t be without, my blue LED binary watch has sparked a lot of amusing conversations with complete strangers.

The Casio Exilim is my biggest life-changing gadget

Digital cameras used to be huge, unwieldy things, but then the super-slim Exilim arrived and suddenly you could take a camera on a night out and capture all the mishaps and adventures.

Signing up for an AOL account was my biggest tech faux pas

My only excuse was that it was in 1997 and I didn't know any better.

I wish I’d invested in Apple just before Jobs came back from the wilderness

He's an extraordinary entrepreneur that has completely transformed industries as diverse as music, animation, computing and mobile. 

FaceBook is pretty much the Operating System for the social web

I get frustrated with people that don't understand these new technologies and constantly gripe about them.  

Facebook in particular is an amazingly valuable tool. Zuckerberg and his team are very smart and they're building some really exciting new features that will further establish their dominant position.

I can't see them being overhauled and losing their crown in the way Friendster and MySpace were supplanted before them.

The Bonkster is one of the weirdest inventions I’ve seen for Firebox Inventor

We've been inundated with great ideas for the competition, although there are a few slightly strange ones in the mix. Some memorable ones include the In-car toaster, Alarm Socks, and The Bonkster. Probably best I leave the product descriptions to the imagination.

I wish someone would invent a good personal jetpack

It would really help my morning commute

Firebox Inventor, in association with Stuff, runs until 20 November. Just send in your invention ideas to be in with a chance of seeing it put into production