My Gadget Life – Mark Millar

The writer of Kick-Ass chats to about dead cats and help from NASA

I bought my first mobile two years ago.

I genuinely believed that mobile phones were a fad – I thought it was going to be like Pokémon. Then about two years ago, I eventually got one. It cost £19.99.

I've got a dead cat in my basement.

There's some nice geek stuff down there: Christopher Reeve's Superman cape, and also the cat (now stuffed) that he rescues from the tree in the film. He's called Frisky.

Last year, I had eight of the top 10 downloads for comics

Do you know how much I got? About £100 a month. They wouldn't tell me the download figures. I think that's because paper comics are collectible. You wouldn't try to get every issue of the FT; you would with Fantastic Four.

My career didn't take off until I hit the 'net

The minute I went online I started interacting with readers, and I built up a big community. I was just doing it for fun, but it really helped.

I had help from NASA with Superior

I put out a tweet asking for help with a scene where a space station crashes – I wanted to know how much would burn up. Two scientists sent me everything I needed, diagrams and all.

I tried to build an Iron Man suit as a kid

I swapped all my other toys for Meccano, and I got as far as a helmet and a chestplate with a bike light in the centre that I could switch on and off. It was no use in a fight, mind.

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