My Gadget Life – Gianluca Vialli

Square-eyed Chelsea legend and self-confessed golf addict talks to Stuff

Square-eyed Chelsea legend and self-confessed golf addict talks to Stuff...

I used to be scared of technology

Every time I switched on the computer there was always a problem, so when I was 32 I took a course on how to use it properly. After that I did up my house and just wanted to fill it with gadgets. Now I have an iPad 2 but I mainly rely on my BlackBerry. The iPad’s very useful but it’s more of a toy.

Sky+ is a lifesaver

I watch nine or ten football matches a week, so it means I can watch a film with my wife and then catch up with all the games when she goes to bed. I’m a big fan of 3D, too. I think there’s room for improvement and I can’t wait until there’s a way to watch without glasses, but for 90 minutes it’s not really a problem.

I wouldn’t just call myself a golf fan…

I’m addicted to it. I use a pinfinder on the course but I’ve nothing against people using GPS devices – I think it’s fair to know exactly how far you have to hit the ball. After all, you’ve still got to play the shot.

I think video replays could work

Technology can be very useful when it comes to objective decisions: was the ball over the line or was that player offside? When it comes to handball and penalty decisions I think it should be entirely down to the referee.

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