MWC 2013 – Voyager brings back the carphone

Accel Telecom's new smartphone is bolted into your car

Israel's Accel Telecom has announced the Voyager 'connected car smartphone' – which brings most of the functionality of a smartphone with none of the portability.

The Voyager looks like an oversized smartphone, with a 3.5in touchscreen supplemented with large physical keypad designed to be easy to prod at a distance. Unlike an oversized smartphone, it's designed to be built into the car, not slipped in a pocket.

This car smartphone's OS of choice is Android Jelly Bean 4.1, and it comes with the free Waze community-based traffic and navigation app pre-installed. Being wired in, it's powered by your car's battery and comes with external 3G and GPS antennae that should improve reception.

It also functions as an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to its 3G capabilities and twin-SIM.

The one feature Voyager has that your average smartphone doesn't is a connection to your car's on-board diagnostics (OBD) for keeping an eye on your engine and helping out with business fleet management.

Is it time to look back to the '90s and resurrect the carphone? Let us know what you think on Twitter.

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