MWC 2013 – Nvidia Phoenix could be your next smartphone

It’s a reference design, but the company isn’t ruling out a move into smartphone and tablet hardware. Would you buy an Nvidia phone?

Nvidia might make your next smartphone. The Nvidia Phoenix – pictured here – is a reference phone for the time being, but the company has already shown it’s not afraid to make its own kit with Project Shield and now it could be setting its sights on the smartphone and tablet market.

Nvidia is keeping schtum about the particulars, but reckons that with its components facing tougher market conditions (the unlikely phrases ‘increasingly vertical’ and ‘commoditisation’ were used) a move to make its own smartphones and tablets will pay off in the long run.

Although the Nvidia Phoenix was built to show off the silicon maker’s new Tegra 4i system-on-a-chip (an evolution of the Tegra 4 architecture), the company is punting it as the ‘ideal device’, admits it is creating the hardware in its own labs and is currently preparing to go to market (in Q2) with Project Shield. In other words, there is nothing to stop Nvidia making and selling its own mobiles and tablets.

Of course, the folks at Nvidia won’t outright admit they’re working on consumer hardware, but they also won’t flatly deny it. Instead the Tegra tigers left us with a titillating ‘anything’s possible’ – read into that what you will.

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