MWC 2013 ─ best in-car tech

Next-gen tech is finding its way into our motors – we've picked out some of the best automotive gadgets from MWC 2013

Mobile phones do a great job of keeping you in the loop when out and about ─ that is, until you step into your car. But with car companies making the car an extension of your 21st super-connected self, that will soon change. Here's the best future car tech that we clapped eyes on at Mobile World Congress 2013.

Spotify for Ford Sync AppLink

Okay, so you can already enjoy a spot of Spotify in your car using any Bluetooth-enabled car stereo. But Ford's AppLink Spotify app AppLink service adds full voice control to skip tracks, play/pause, find similar music and even begin playing a playlist that a friend has sent you. Only for Ford Sync-enabled cars and Spotify Premium subscribers at the moment, though – but other car manufacturers and music streaming services are likely to follow suit.

Accel Telecom Voyager car phone

It might not be much to look at – but the Accel Telecom Voyager is more than just an Android Jelly Bean-equipped nineties throwback. Essentially it's a smartphone with two SIM cards for your car that you have to leave in the car. Confused? So are we. At least it can provide everyone in the car with Wi-Fi, keep tabs on your engine and enhance phone signal via an external 3G and GPS antennae.

4G connected cars

AT&T has teamed up with General Motors to kit 2015's GM cars out with 4G LTE connections – turning your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac into a smartphone on wheels. Applications for the tech range from the mundane – tracking the condition of the car using the OnStar service – to more fun options like streaming movies and TV for passengers. You can even use your car as an LTE hotspot for your gadgets, while the tech opens up the possibility of vehicle-specific apps using your car's 4G connection.

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