MWC 2012 – Vodafone and Visa cuddle up to NFC

Say goodbye to loose change rattling in your pocket and start paying with Vodafone's mobile wallet

Vodafone and Visa appear to have been sneaking off on secret dates – and Vodafone's picking up the tab, announcing that Vodafone mobile wallet will launch later this year.  

Vodafone mobile wallet will use Visa's PayWay with NFC (if your mobile is packing it) to let you pay for things with a simple swipe of your phone over the card reader.

With the Olympics pushing NFC payments, and Barclays on board already with its cards, Vodafone's mobile wallet feels like the next big push to make loose change a thing of the past.

Whether Vodafone mobile wallet will be limited to £15 max payments like Barclays remains to be seen. If it isn’t, losing your phone could make for a whole new level of pain – and insurance will be higher than ever. Nevertheless, wallet manufacturers had better watch out – their end is nigh.

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