MWC 2012 – Nokia is prepping a budget Lumia 610 smartphone

That MWC rumour mill keeps on turning, this time pulping out a pair of new Nokia WinPho smarties

Back in the day, Nokia used to make new phones as regularly as the postman came. Well, nearly. But it looks like the former mobile behemoth might be settling into a new stride, with two new Windows Phone blowers ready to drop at next week’s Mobile World Congress.

According to Reuters, the freshly-minted wares of Nokia’s smartphone brigade are set to be joined by a pair of new Windows Phone handsets at MWC 2012, one targeted at a budget phone audience. The news agency cites two sources who’ve spilled the beans on a smartphone entry-level Nokia Lumia 610, plus a global version of its 4G Lumia 900 (which might come in handy later this year for UK customers).

The phones are expected to be announced on Monday, February 27, and may help Nokia in its bid to reclaim past glories. We can’t help feeling that ebbing warmth for Nokia returning – based on our reviews of the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710, we could be looking at one of tech’s great revivals. Apple, anyone?

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