MWC 2012 – Lumigon T2 hands on review

The crown jewel of Android smartphones is on display at MWC. We broke into the tower to have a snoop

Lumigon T2 – overview

Despite the best efforts of Android regulars (HTC, Samsung et al) no one has yet made a really solid challenge to the sheer quality of build and feel found in Apple’s iPhone 4 and 4S. That’s until now – the Lumigon T2 aims to change that with a stainless steel and glass answer to Apple’s ubiquitous phones. So, is it up to the job?

Lumigon T2 – design and build

There’s no shortage of well-tailored Android phones in the world, but Lumigon’s T2 cranks the build quality up a notch more than most.

The flat side rails will happily support the phone on its side, while the chamfered top edge makes it soft on the ear. Its 3.8in Gorilla Glass screen talks tough, but if actions speak louder than words, the Lumigon feels rock solid to the touch. There’s none of the creakiness evident in most Android phones.

Lumigon T2 – in use

As you’d expect, Lumigon has slathered the T2 with its own skin, adding to the luxury feel.

It doesn’t take much to drill underneath it and find regular Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but those parts that have been tuned to the phone’s top-end branding (witness the remote app above that uses the built-in infra-red transmitter) look as slick and gorgeous as the handset itself.

Lumigon T2 – dock

The T2 can be docked in individual pods, each with its own identity. That means Lumigon users can have a bedside dock that activates silent mode or a living room dock that fires up the remote app.

Think of the Sony Xperia range’s Smart Tags (though not using the T2’s NFC chip) and you’ve got the idea. It’s smart thinking, though we think Sony’s got the better implementation here.

Lumigon T2 – sensors and more

Happily, Lumigon’s kitted out the T2 with an 8MP snapper, a standard accoutrement to the modern top-end smartphone. The usual batch of sensors (light, proximity, gyro, accelerometer) are also present and correct, as is an “activity button” – a physical button near the earpiece that can be ascribed duties such as flicking on the LED flash to use as an impromptu torch.

Lumigon T2 – first impressions

No one’s taking the fight to Apple build quality like Lumigon has with the T2, but that begs an obvious question: how much will the Lumigon T2 cost? The pleasant answer is a mere €500, putting it in the budgetary range of almost anyone seeking a first-rate smartphone.

It’s neither the thinnest, nor lightest, handset you’ll see this year, but it is the one you’re most likely to hammer in a nail with when you’ve lost your hammer. We’ll have a more forensic look at this phone in a forthcoming Lumigon T2 review, but first impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

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