MWC 2012 – LG Optimus L7 hands on review

We immerse ourselves in the Ice Cream Sandwich heart of LG’s new mid-range blower
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LG Optimus L7 – design and build

The Optimus L7 announced last week isn’t LG’s headline handset (that would be the 4X HD), but it’s no slouch in the looks department. It’s light – less than 9mm thick, and without the chin of its Optimus 3D Max sibling – but sturdy with it. You won’t feel the need to handle it too daintily, though we stopped short of giving it Stuff's bend-to-destruction test.

LG Optimus L7 – screen

With a 4.3in super-bright NOVA display, you’d expect Ice Cream Sandwich to shine prettily from the Optimus L7’s face and, as you can see in the comparison shot above, it gives the iPhone 4S’s more tightly packed pixels a run for their money, despite a comparatively weedy VGA resolution. It’s not an HD showstopper, but it should easily hold its own in its price category.

LG Optimus L7 – in use

Again, the Optimus L7 isn’t a top-level superphone, so there’s no quad-core silliness going on under the bonnet. Instead, a relatively sedate 1.5GHz processor keeps things shuffling along. During our brief stint with the Optimus L7, we had a lagless cruise around Ice Cream Sandwich’s upper deck.

LG Optimus L7 – camera

One thing that does need to shine on a phone in this price bracket is the camera, in this case an LED flash-supported 5MP sensor. Our hastily snapped shots weren’t exactly keepers, but LG’s crammed enough colour and light capture in there to please most opportunist camphone photographers. Annoyingly, there’s no side-mounted shutter button, meaning you’re back to jabbing the touchscreen to take your shot. And there we were thinking those dark days were over…

LG Optimus L7 – first impressions

We rather like the Optimus L7. LG’s had trouble grabbing headlines against Samsung’s more pervasive Galaxy S phones at the top end of the market, but there’s certainly room for a skinny, well-made mid-range Android 4.0 phone like the LG Optimus L7. We’ll put it through a full test soon and see if it stands up to scrutiny, but for now the L7 gets a thumbs-up from Stuff.

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