MWC 2009 – what we wanted, what we got

Wanted: Garmin nuvifoneGot: Two Garmin–Asus mobilesGarmin's nuvifone was a shoo in for MWC, but Garmin and Asus decided to roll out not one but

Wanted: Garmin nuvifone

Got: Two Garmin–Asus mobiles

Garmin's nuvifone was a shoo in for MWC, but Garmin and Asus decided to roll out not one but two new phones. First up was the G60, already announced, but sleek and cool nonetheless. And then there was the M20 WinMo phone. But not an Android phone in sight.

Got: WiMAX Eee PC

The Eee Phone failed to materialise, leaving lovers of cheap but hardy gadgets weeping in the aisles of the world's biggest phone show (maybe). To make up for it, the Taiwanese showed off a WiMAX Eee PC instead. Shame getting that killer wireless tech in the UK  is harder than listening to Duffy's album all the way through without vomiting.

Got: Sony Ericsson Idou

The Hikaru did land, as the W995. But Sony Ericsson took everyone by surprise with the Idou, which is sure to push them right into the smartphone mix when it hits the shelves in the second half of the year. The only company with a surprise up their sleeves, this was arguably the hottest phone of the week.

Got: HTC Magic

Essentially the same phone. The Magic was seen everywhere on the web as the G2, but it was a shock to see Vodafone get the nod ahead of T–Mobile. Still, it's a real shame that this was the only major Android announcement of the week, leaving us wondering when Google's awesome OS will ever break out of its HTC shcakles.

Got: Archos 9 and 10s

Sadly, the IMT didn't appear, but Archos did confirm its plans for a 9in tablet PC and a slimmed down 10s netbook. Once again though, they won't give out pictures, leading us to believe they're either nowhere near completion or just a rouse to get us all het up for the next few months.

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