Music–for–rent at Sony BMG

With iTunes said to be bringing some rental action to its vast music collection, it seems Sony BMG is filling out its involvement forms too and gettin

In an interview with a German newspaper, BMG suit Rolf Schmidt-Holtz has confirmed the label is working on such a service and that it’ll work with, “…all digital players, including Apple’s iPod.”

That suggests it’ll be a DRM-free affair. With said label already offering its tracks on Amazon’s much–feted MP3 service in the States, minus pesky copy protection, this wouldn’t be a surprise.

Punters will have to lay out between €6 and €8 a month to get hold of tracks by the likes of Bob Dylan, mortgage–rock bores The Fray and, ahem, Kenny G.

We can expect to see the fruits of Sony’s labour later in the year, along with Amazon MP3 and possibly Apple’s effort, which you read all about here.