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MTV gets Urge to kill iTunes – part two

The music giant’s download store opens in the US tomorrow with an Apple-bothering weapon – integration with Microsoft’s new Windows Media Player 11. Read on for our first thoughts on both

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Urge’s real trump card, though, is its hook-up with WMP 11, particularly as the player shows some big improvements over its predecessor.

We’ve found it to be much faster than its predecessor, and the general look is much slicker with its chrome-style bars.

The layout is much more logical, with the player controls and ‘now playing’ bar at the bottom of the screen, and the new search box fetches songs as you type in iTunes fashion.

It also encourages you to browse by album art in much the same way as Windows Media Center, and the layout means you can easily see if you’ve got multiple albums by one artist.

The big downer is that there’s still no podcast support, which is a huge oversight, particularly with such staggeringly good shows as Stuff’s around.

Despite this, we’re looking forward to pairing it up with Urge to see what sort of downloading magic they can muster – we’ll update you as soon as a UK release date is announced.

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