MSV Madness: All the winners revealed

Microsoft picks the top startups for its Accelerator program
Microsoft Ventures Madness

The votes are in, the people have spoken and the winner of the Microsoft Ventures Madness People's Choice Award has been revealed.

Sian's Plan is the lucky winner, joining 11 other startups in Microsoft's Accelerator program – where they'll have access to mentoring, Xbox One development advice and input from technical experts.

It's a big opportunity for the startup, which aims to help busy families to eat well – letting you create meal planners with drag-and-drop recipes, reducing food waste and encouraging healthy eating.

Read on for more details of the September 2014 Microsoft Ventures Madness Cohort…

People's Choice: Sian's Plan

Sian's Plan helps busy families to eat well. We make sure you can get a healthy meal on the table within half an hour of coming home from work.

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Triggertrap creates lots of creative and interesting ways of triggering your SLR camera. In this video, Triggertrap's CEO Haje Jan Kamps demos the Yellfie app - without competition, the most annoying selfie app to launch in the next few weeks.

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Myriada builds the most advanced crowd wisdom technology on the market. Access the predictive insight in your network or organisation using our product suite. We're building communities with 20/20 foresight.

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FOVE is an eye tracking head mount display. Dive into virtual worlds that know where you are looking, what you are looking at and react to it. Think Iron Man meets Oculus.


Pixel Blimp

Pixel Blimp is a fresh faced game developer which loves creating the games you love to play. Download Free the Network for free now at Please vote for us! Design. Create. Play.

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ArtGuru is the new generation of audioguides for museum, with image recognition and artificial intelligence. We provide added value to our museums with analytics and marketing tools.

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Snap & solve indecisive moments with friends!

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Rotor is an online tool for creating music videos. Quality music videos are created in just a few clicks without needing software or skills. Rotor makes music video accessible to anyone.



AppyParking turns city driving into a walk in the park. Drivers are lost when looking for a parking space. That is until now.

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SamLabs is an Internet of things prototyping platform.

Lady Shotgun

Games development studio using independent mobile game developers – working on projects which appeal to the 35 + demographic which makes up the majority of users on major mobile platforms. The majority of the team fall under the same demographic, so they're making games that they want to play themselves.

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Space Lounges

Space Lounges is a revolutionary new digital retail experience, aiming to bring together the physical and digital world in harmony. The pressing issue for physical retail stores in 2014 is that we can't link data to real people. We need to be moving from simply mapping data to predicting its patterns and growth; using that information to enhance and revolutionise the overall human experience.

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