MSN Music service relaunches in beta

MSN has re-opened its music service in the UK, joining the likes of Napster, iTunes and 7Digital in the download-to-own market.Currently in beta, MSN

Currently in beta, MSN Music will offer up one million tracks from all the major labels, and you'll just need a Windows Live ID to access the service.

A fully web-based experience like Sky Songs, users will be able to find, preview and buy music, as well as create personalised playlists, and read up on artist news and information.

Free music streaming will be tested on a limited basis, with only a number of users able to gain access to this feature to see how it fares. Here's hoping it includes it in the full release – if MSN wants to compete with the big boys, it may well have to.

For sure it is the underdog at the moment – it's 1 million tracks are dwarfed by 7Digital's 4 million and Napster and iTunes' 8 million, but MSN Music has said it is in continuing negotiations to add more songs, albums and content.

Any content you do download will be DRM free, and it will work on a credit system which you pay for up front in packs of 10.

This will set you back £7.99, which you can then use to buy singles (1 credit) or an album (10 credits).

If you fancy checking it out you can head over to the MSN Music service website now, and let us know what you think. Be sure to check out our top 10 streaming services to see what it'll have to go up against.