MSI Wind U120 good–to–go

Yes, folks, it's time to bring you news of yet another netbook. This time, it's MSI bearing credit crunch–friendly fayre, with info on the spank

Rocking a somewhat sleeker look than the regular 10.2in MSI Wind, the U120 is set to come with a 120GB HDD, in–built HSDPA and SSD options for those who like flinging their laptops about with no care for their tunes and PowerPoint presentations.

Sadly, MSI won't actually tell us any more, as they're saving it for a full on launch later in the year. Tech teases doesn't even begin to cover it. But we'll forgive them because it looks great.

It's set to make its way to the shop floor for Jaunary here in the UK, with a £350 price tag. In the meantime, sate yourself with our pick of the best free netbook deals.


MSI U120

Price: £350

On sale: January

Contact: MSI