MSI squares up to Eee Box with Wind NetTop D130

Picking up cheap computers is no longer about laptops the size of your face, oh no. Now netbooks are as ubiquitous is carping about the economy, budge

Today, it's MSI's turn. Having shown off their all–in–one NetON and MacBook Air–baiting X320 at CES, they've turned their attention to more prosaic pursuits with the NetTop D130.

Billed as a basic desktop, it's got its sights firmly trained on Stuff favourite the Eee Box, although its spec sheet offers something a tad more hearty for PC fans everywhere. Underneath that rather pug ugly bod' you'll find 2GB of RAM, an optical drive, DVD burner, 7.1 output and an Intel Atom.

There's no word on UK prices, but with US punters getting it for $240, expect it to land for around £200.

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MSI Wind NetTop D130

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: MSI