MSI and Micro Anvika offer free netbook with X600

You don't very often hear of "buy one get one free" offers on laptops and netbooks, but that is exactly tech retailer Micro Anvika is offering in conj

If you buy the super skinny 15.6-inch MSI X600 for £799, they're offering to chuck in the U100 netbook for nada.

Ultimately this means you can have a laptop for home, and a netbook for when you're out and about – or even a free Christmas present for someone that will make you look super generous.

At under an inch thick, MSI is touting the X600 as the world's thinnest, lightest laptop, while the U100 is a 10-inch netbook weighing in at a portable 1.3kg.

Both the X600 and U100 managed 4 stars in Stuff's reviews which is promising – be sure to give those a read and if the offer tickles your fancy head over to Micro Anvika's website for more details.