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[intro]Make every net connection your own personal jukebox with Want to know the best bit? It's now free[/intro] Last month I was luc

Last month I was lucky enough to pick up a Nokia N800 web tablet (pictured). For the first couple of weeks I barely put it down, but after the initial novelty had worn off I dumped it on my desk and promptly forgot about it. As lovely as it is, I just wasn’t out and about enough to make use of it.

But today it’s had a new lease of life breathed into it thanks to a small but hugely significant change at one of the coolest music-related websites on the net. MP3tunes is now free.

Sign up for the site and you’ll get your own online Oboe Free ‘locker’ to stash with tracks in the format of your choice, should it be MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA, or even OGG.

Once fully loaded you can then access and stream your tunes from any web-ready gadget, be it your work PC or in my case, the sleek N800. The 3.5mm headphone jack even means I can play the tracks through my Fatman iTube in the Stuff test room.

Admittedly the free service only streams at a pretty lowly 56kbps, but it’s only $40 for a premium account, which ups that to 192kbps, throws in support for larger file sizes, streaming through iTunes and handily ditches the on-site advertising.

Suddenly, my N800 doesn’t seem like such a novelty one trick pony after all.

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