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Mozilla working on minimalist Junior iPad browser

Junior's stripped-back interface is designed for Apple's slate from the ground up

The browser bods at Firefox creators Mozilla are working on Junior – a new browser for iPad that’s designed for Apple’s tablet from the ground up.

The functional prototype was shown off at a Mozilla Product Design Team presentation. It’s immediately apparent that Junior is a very different type of browser – as you can see from the slightly blurry pics below, it’s a full-screen affair, ditching the address bar and tabs that are found on most browsers.

In their place are touchscreen thumb buttons on either side of the page; the left button controls the back function, while the right button takes you to a home page with a row of recent pages along the top, bookmarks in the centre of the page and a search and URL bar at the bottom of the page.

Mozilla’s also adding support for multiple user accounts with a user login menu. Junior is still in the early stages, so many features and functions have yet to be determined. Also unclear at this stage is whether Junior will be replacing Firefox on Android tablets. Check out Mozilla’s demo video below, and let us know what you think on Twitter.

[via engadget]

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