Mozilla takes on iOS and Android with mobile OS Boot 2 Gecko

The Mozilla OS is still in early development, but it could mean serious competition on the mobile OS market

Mozilla – not content with Firefox being the most used web browser – is producing a mobile operating system of its own called Boot 2 Gecko. Watch out Android, iOS and Windows Phone; this OS looks like it’ll have all your tricks and more.

At last a unifying OS that combines the best of all others could be a reality. Granted Mozilla’s wireframes below are just ideas at the moment, but with pull down-notifications, quick launch buttons, people tiles, and non-physical buttons – it could be a winner. Granted it’s becoming a bit of a muddle as different OS ideas jump from one to all platforms, but with the goal of a perfect user experience, that’s a good thing.

Let’s hope Mozilla can stick to its minimalist values and create this dream mobile OS as a fully functioning example to all.

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