Moving bin catches even your most rubbish throw

Using a Kinect sensor, a whole lot of engineering skills and a bin, this guy has created the world’s first smart dustbin

While throwing rubbish in the bin from across the room can be met with a roar of approval, as you're lifted onto your workmate’s shoulders to celebrate your sure and true aim... sometimes you miss. We all know the crushing shame of rimming that bin and walking, head down, to correct your failure – as a human being.

But that’s all about to change thanks to Japanese modder FRP, a clever fellow with a lot of time on his hands. Using motors, wheels and a Kinect sensor he has built a bin that calculates the trajectory of your throw and moves to intercept and catch whatever you chuck near it. Check out the video below (from 2:30 for the pay-off) and share in our agonising desire for yet another gadget that renders our hand-eye coordination necessary only for gaming and guitar.

[via engadget]

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