Movies on Xbox 360? You must be streaming

Microsoft is already preparing to stream telly via the Xbox 360, thanks to a tie–in with BT Vision.And now it appears they’re looking to b

And now it appears they’re looking to bring movies into the streaming mix, in the US at least, with rental giant Netflix gauging the mood of its customers about a possible love–in.

Netflix says this doesn’t point to an immediate partnership, but did say they were keen to get flicks to people’s front rooms “in as many ways as possible.”

They’re already in bed with LG, who are developing a set–top box designed for streaming glorious hi–def movies.

Whether Bill Gates and the clan would be keen to pen a deal with Video Marketplace still not fully up–to–speed, at least here in the UK, remains to be seen.

But surely the hook–up with BT, a key plank in Gates' incredibly lacklustre CES keynote, points towards some kind of film fest in the future.

With the hi–def wars now over, surely a streaming battle between iTunes and Microsoft is just what we need. Let’s get it on!


Netflix on Xbox 360

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