Move syncs your workout to iPhone and iPad apps

And by workout we mean each precise movement your body makes – this time, there's nowhere to hide

Exercise is prime white-lie territory. Pretend you've completed twenty more press-ups while your gym buddy went to make a call. Or tell your doctor you squeeze in a good 40 minutes a day of cardio when in reality you spend five minutes finding excuses not to do any.

Not if Electricfoxy has anything to do with your regime. Its new sportswear prototype Move records every movement and all your precise muscle activity through four 'stretch and bend' sensors and feeds this data to iOS apps in real time thanks to a built-in Arduino board.

The really clever part is that the clothing itself will give you a little nudge in the part of your body where you're falling out of line so you can correct the position.

In the example images, you'll be able to tell if you're doing Pilates wrong mid-session rather than wasting 30 minutes or so in worthless poses.

But we reckon this clothing plus app combination could be absolute gold for gymnasts, golfers and baseball players – not to mention dancers. We'd like to think we have Stuff reader representatives in all of these fields.

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