Move over, MaKey MaKey – here's how to turn anything into a touchscreen

Watch the video of the incredible AnyTouch prototype and you'll want to smash your iPad against the nearest wall

New ways of controlling our gadget slaves (like Kickstarter project MaKey MaKey) always tickle our fancy – it's perfectly healthy to spice things up a bit after a relationship as long as ours. So as soon as we saw the video for the AnyTouch prototype by Digitas Labs Paris and Ayotle, we high-tailed it to their website to find out how to part with our cash.

The system uses a 3D camera, projector and depth sensor to turn everyday objects into interactive touchscreens. The system will even detect gestures made near to each component. The example in the vid below shows how you can turn felt pens, a coke bottle and poker chips into controls to manipulate a 3D model.

You can rotate objects, swipe up and down (for zoom) and detect when objects are moved to and from destinations. We also like the idea of navigating a racing game by swiping our hand over curved objects – colander rally anyone?

It looks like the plan is to use this tech for marketing purposes – but we hope someone commercialises the set-up sharpish and gets it into the hands of creative tech-heads.

[via PSFK]

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