Moto's Google Android phone set for spring 2009

Last week's news that Motorola was priming a "social–networking smartphone" based on the mighty Google Android OS didn't come as too m

But new details dug up buy Business Week suggest we'll be getting it as soon as spring next year. The blower is reputedly said to have an "iPhone like touchscreen" (hmmm, we'll see), as well as a slide QWERTY board. Sounds a wee bit like the T–Mobile G1 to us.

It's believed that the the G1 will be used as the basis for something a bit more high–end that really makes use of Android's open source platform. And with Moto very much in the doldrums, this is exactly the kind of thing we reckon could give them the kick in the rear they need.

Prices will apparently be set nice and low, meaning they can snag all those social–networking mad teens without sending their parents into even greater financial torpor.

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