Is Motorola’s new Webtop mode plain Ice Cream Sandwich?

This video shows a Motorola RAZR booting not into Moto’s custom laptop skin, but Android 4.0’s tablet interface

When Motorola introduced Webtop – its laptop interface for the Atrix docking phone – we liked the idea, even if the implementation (which included Citrix) wasn’t quite to our taste.

But times have moved on since January 2011, and now so has Motorola’s Webtop interface. Take a snoop at the video above and you’ll see Moto’s custom skin laptop environment is gone in the Webtop 3.0 Beta. In fact, it appears to be nothing more offensive than the tablet interface of plain old Ice Cream Sandwich.

We can’t help thinking this bodes well for the likes of Motorola’s current RAZR (read our Motorola RAZR review here), or for the RAZR Maxx we’re expecting to see on European shores in May.

Even so, we’re not quite ready to ditch our laptops yet, thanks.

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