Motorola's all-new Moto E comes with 4G powers and a tasty £109 price tag

And this time, it's got its big boy specs on

The original Moto E was something of a revelation, a phone with good specs and performance, for under £100.

So how was Motorola ever going to top it? All rise for the all new Moto E. 

The new version comes with a qHD display once again, but this time it's slightly bigger at 4.5-inches. Elsewhere there's a new 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and, perhaps the biggest new feature, 4G LTE connectivity. Motorola will however also sell a 3G version.

It'll come running Android 5.0 Lollipop out the box, as well as several features from Motorola's flagship Moto X, including Quick Capture, which allows you to launch the camera at the flick of a wrist. 

The new Moto E also comes packing a beefier 2390mAh battery, a 5MP rear-facing camera and interchangeable Motorola Bands and Grip Shells.

All of this can be yours, for £109 when it's released on 26 February.