Motorola X Phone images leak

New pics of Motorola's wonder phone appear on the internet – but they're not giving much away

New snaps of the Motorola X Phone have appeared on the internet, courtesy of perennial Twitter tipster @evleaks. A sticker on the back of the phone lists it as a "XFON ATT," suggesting that it is indeed a Motorola X Phone on the AT&T network.

According to PhoneArena's sources, the images are the real deal – and the X Phone is codenamed "Ghost". If rumoured specs are to be believed, the Motorola X Phone looks set to be a powerhouse – with a 2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and a 4.7i 1080p screen tucked away behind Sapphire Glass that's three times stronger than Gorilla Glass.

Unfortunately, Motorola's definitely not giving up the Ghost – the details of the build aren't visible because Motorola's slapped the phone inside a non-disclosure case. However, the snap of the phone's rear appears to show it out of the case, which is reportedly made of polycarbonate rather than the Kevlar of recent Moto phones like the Razr HD.

The Motorola X Phone will reportedly hit store shelves in early July, and will be available in a veritable rainbow of 20 different hues. Colour us excited.

[@evleaks and PhoneArena via Omio]

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