Is Motorola working on a tablet TV controller?

When is a remote not a remote? When it's an Android-powered tablet, of course…

Motorola's looking to make your fancy all-in-one TV remote redundant with an Android-powered replacement. If The Verge's recently leaked images are to be believed, Moto's developing an Android tablet TV remote, codenamed Corvair.

Thought to be running a modified version of Gingerbread, the 6in tablet is said to boast an IR controller along the lines of Sony's Tablet S, as well as a beefy 4,000mAH battery to ensure that there's always enough juice to change channels when the X Factor pops on.

The mystery controller will likely work with Moto's compatible set top boxes and Google TV devices, although the leaked pictures suggest that it can also mirror its own screen on your telly. Big screen Angry Birds from the comfort of your sofa may not be too far away...

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