Motorola unveiling Android handset on 10 September?

Motorola is preparing to unveil its first Android handset in early September, if an invite to an event in San Francisco is anything to go by.Asking in

Asking invitees to "Save the Date" of 10 September, Motorola made its intentions pretty clear by whacking the green outline of the Android logo on the invite.

We first got word of a Motorola Android phone back in May, and ever since the so called "Morrisson" has been cropping up in spy shots all over the place.

We'd expect this will be at least one of the handsets Motorola will be showing off, perhaps alongside the "Sholes" full QWERTY handset we've also heard whispers of.

It'll also be interesting to see if anything is mentioned about Android 2.0, expected to debut on a Motorola handset towards the end of the year.

Motorola certainly has a lot to prove considering its performance in recent years – we'll keep you in the loop with any announcements made at the event, but let us know below if you think Motorola can make a comeback with Android.

Via: Gizmodo