Motorola RAZR Maxx release date set for May

Road warriors rejoice as Moto's razor thin smartphone relaunches with an impressive 17.6 hour's talk time, thanks to an even bigger battery

Motorola has announced that the RAZR Maxx will be release in the UK, Europe and Middle East in May.

The RAZR Maxx offers the same kevlar construction and 4.3in AMOLED screen as its RAZR predecessor (reviewed here), but also manages to pack in a heftier battery, resulting in an impressive 17.6 hours of talk time.

There's no word on whether or not the RAZR Maxx will use the same huge 3,300mAh battery found in its US counterpart, but its 8.9mm thickness (up from the original's 7.1mm) is still thin enough that it won't leave an unsightly bulge in your jeans pocket.

Specific pricing details for the UK have yet to be revealed, so stay tuned for more information as and when we get it.

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