Motorola RAZR arrives in the UK today

It's lean, it's mean and it's available to purchase right now

The Motorola RAZR takes its first steps into the big wide world today, which is certainly worth a few squeals of excitment. That's because despite its skinny form factor, the RAZR manages to squeeze in a speedy 1.2GHz dual-core processor, coupled with 1GB of RAM, an 8MP camera, 1080p video capture and a eye-pleasing 4.3in Super AMOLED qHD Gorilla Glass screen that's so sharp it will have your eyes out. Chuck in a whopping 12-hours of talk time and it's clear that this is one smartphone that means business.

As you'd expect, the RAZR is supermodel skinny with its 7.1mm thin Kevlar shell, which Motorola claims is the thinnest smartphone in the world right now. Take that Samsung.

It may share it's name with Moto's massively successful mobile circa 2004, but there's nothing old-skool about Motorola's new toy. And while it initially ships with Android's 2.3 Gingerbread-flavoured OS, it'll be getting a dose of Ice Cream Sandwich come early 2012.

Not sure if you want to take the purchase plunge? We went hands on with the super-slim smartphone a few weeks ago and even managed to capture it on camera in a video preview. Hopefully, this will make your decision just that little bit easier.

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