Motorola Pro – hands-on

After all the fun of the Atrix and Xoom, Motorola's donned its suit to bring us the QWERTY Pro. Stuff schedules a meeting

Motorola's Pro isn't designed to impress people at parties. In fact, it's about as welcome at a party as your boss. And his mum. Still, bosses can be handy people. Some of them even get stuff done. And that's where the Pro hopes to become your buddy.

As we've come to expect from anything branded as Pro, there's a QWERTY keyboard. Not a slider – the Pro wears its thumbable buttons under the screen where they can't hide. Not even from the boss.

Being that it's not a flashy piece of kit, the Pro is rocking Android 2.2 (Froyo), a solid decision that suits its rock-like build. The four nav keys below the 3.1in HVGA screen are gently haptic and the keyboard is spacious and tactile.

Should your boss decide to turn up to that party with his Pro (snigger), he'll be able to snap pictures on the 5MP dual-flash autofocus cam. And send them to his mum.

So, a solid blower for text-addicts and we'd expect it to be a safe bet for the foreseeable future with its 1GHz processor. Just don't invite it to your next party.