Motorola prepping Android phone?

Another week, another Android phone rumour. We already know that T-Mobile has plans to launch Android handsets from three different carriers this year

Following on from HTC's Magic, and the Samsung whisperings, it seems the third manufacturer to hop on to T-Mobile's Android fun bus may well be Motorola.

Currently named the Motorola Morrisson, the handset has cropped up on a T-Mobile line-up that TMoToday have managed to get their hands on.

The list suggests it is set for a late 2009 launch, in November or December, and by then we're hoping Motorola will have come up with a bit of a better name.

It looks set to have a sliding horizontal QWERTY keyboard, but that's hardly a novelty in Android phones. Other than that, unfortunately no specs have leaked for us to sink our teeth into just yet.

We'll keep you updated with anything we hear, but in the meantime be sure to check out our hands-on video with HTC's latest addition, the Magic.