Motorola Milestone offered on contract

The Motorola Milestone, also known as the Droid, is now up for pre-order on a T-Mobile contract, and ready to ship next week.We heard on Friday that t

We heard on Friday that the handset was available for pre-order SIM free for a rather substantial £449.99, but now e-tailer Expansys is offering up the first pay monthly contract for the phone, meaning you need only pay £49.99 up front.

Bundled with a T-Mobile SIM card, you’ll also pay £35 a month over an 18 month contract for 700 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data (1GB fair usage).

The phone is now showing the same shipping date as the SIM-free handset, which is currently listed as 7 December.

We’ll keep you updated on any official network offers as and when they get released, but if you can’t wait any longer for this Android powerhouse, head over to Expansys sharpish.