Motorola liveblog 2011

Motorola's storming back into the fray with a pile of new products – including the new RAZR. Get all the latest news from Moto's Berlin event here

Your intrepid reporter is in Berlin, waiting to see what technological treasures Motorola's going to unveil. Moto's already hit the ground running with the new RAZR smartphone – but what else has Moto been cooking up? We're expecting to see the Xoom 2 tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as an opportunity to get hands on with the RAZR and the new Atrix 2.

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12:40 We're milling around waiting for the event to start.

12:46 Right, we begin...

12:47 Yesterday saw the arrival of Motorola's new RAZR and ACTV, joining the Atrix 2 in the company's late 2012 stable. Stuff's in the driving seat awaiting more details on these and - perhaps - the Xoom 2, the world's first Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tablet.

12:49 We're in a sort of pre-press conference airlock here in Berlin, waiting for Motorola to depressurise its Xoom 2 secrecy.

12:52 We say airlock, the room's actually got padded walls. Red padding, mind. Very "on brand" for Motorola. The press event is currently running 20 minutes late. Ooops.

12:56 So, while we're waiting. Let's see what we're expecting. We've pumped Motorola for the goss and they've come back with very little. There was a glint in their eyes when we mentioned a tablet. There's definitely more than one device, though whether that includes the stuff launched yesterday in New York City remains to be seen.

13:00 Case for the Xoom 2: Google bought Motorola, then had to honour its contract with Samsung to build a second Nexus phone. Google gets to build the tablet - with Motorola - that debut's its first smartphone+tablet OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

13:02 Okay, we're in and seated. Here's the proof.

13:03 Alain Mutricy (SVP product management, Motorola Mobility) is out. He's asking us what we do before we go to sleep. Not answering that, Alain...

13:04 One in four of us would rather share our toothbrush than our smartphone, apparently. Stuff raises a hand in agreement.

13:05 "Thinner. Stronger. Faster. Smarter." That's the message from Moto.

13:06 Introducing...

13:07 The new Motorola RAZR! Wait a minute... didn't we see this already? Yep. Here's the story.

13:08 7.1mm thin is still impressive mind. Makes the iPhone 4S's 9.3mm look like a sizeable gut. To prove the point, Motorola's showing a picture of the two devices next to each other. And... fight!

13:10 Now he's talking about it being waterproof. Even the internal circuits. That'll come in handy when a nearby Samsung Galaxy S II spills its pint.

13:12 Guns are out. Comparing speed and web browsing with S2 and 4S. Admittedly, these are Moto's own figures, but it looks like the top brass of smartphones could have a fight on their hands.

13:13 Now battery life: 10hrs talk time for the RAZR. Like we said, guns out.

13:14 And Webtop (from the Atrix) is back, theoretically allowing you to ditch your laptop. Practically, of course, it does no such thing.

13:15 Right, we're bored of hearing about the RAZR now. It's thin, lovely and - if Motorola's right - screechingly quick.

13:17 Luckily, we're moving on: MotoCast to the rescue. It's iCloud, by Motorola. Shouldn't it be something more Google-y? We're not hearing the gears of the Big G's recent acquisition meshing yet.

13:19 The RAZR is BUSINESS READY! Woop! *snores* Bring out the Xoom 2.

13:22 Accessories... *more stifling of yawns*

13:22 RAZR stuff is over. Deep breaths...

13:24 Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) will be coming to the RAZR in 2012 Q1. In case you were wondering. It's been designed for Gingerbread, but all the functionality will be ported to the new mobile OS.

13:24 RAZR European launch details coming up: out within 48 hours!

13:24 Also US and Asia. Impressive.

13:27 "Sexy RAZR is back in Europe." Hope that's not the tagline.

13:28 Okay... "another exciting product"... what's the betting it's the ACTV?

13:29 Yep - we're talking health and fitness. This ain't gonna be our Xoom 2. Dare we hope it'll arrive later in the conference. You'll only find out if you stay right here on

13:33 In fairness, the ACTV does look cool. Would've been nice if Motorola hadn't raided Apple's iPod Nano design for it, but we'll let them off. It plays music according to how you're exercising. That'll be the Lambchop playlist for us, then.

13:35 While we wait for the Xoom 2 to show itself, it's worth noting that we'll be off to get hands-on with the RAZR and ACTV after this.

13:36 Who knows? There may even be an Atrix 2 knocking about? And... a Xoom 2? Oh, come on, Motorola, put us out of our misery.

13:37 The UK's getting the ACTV first, and in time for Christmas. The rest of Europe has to wait until 2012. Mwah-ha-ha-ha...

13:37 The rest of the pan-European press conference doesn't look that happy about that particular announcement.

13:37 Or our evil laughter.

13:38 Well, looks like that's it. Shows over. And not a Xoom 2 in sight.

13:38 Hands-on action coming up... we're off to get stuck in.

13:42 Looks like that's the lot. No Xoom 2, nary an Atrix in sight. Bit of a disappointment, but we'll be bringing you our hands-on look at the new RAZR and ACTV shortly.