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Motorola HC1 is Project Glass in disguise

A wearable computer from Motorola brings with it the technology of Google's Project Glass

Google has been quiet on the Project Glass front for a while now. But this military headgear from Motorola Solutions (the bit Google doesn’t own) is another hint that face furniture might written in our technological stars. The Motorola HC1 wearable computer is designed for military and industrial use, so the subtler design of Google’s Project Glass has been ditched in favour of a bulky USB camera and an SVGA display that looks like a snorkel mouthpiece. There’s also Bluetooth, speech recognition, a digital compass and an accelerometer.

The HC1 is fitted with noise cancelling microphones that allow you to talk to people remotely and bark orders into thin air. The hope is that industrial and military folk can rely on a remote specialist while they carry out jobs on location, a privilege that will cost between US$4000 (£2500) and $5000 (£3130) for each device. Since Project Glass is only US$1500 for early adopting devs, we think we’ll wait for it to hit the consumer market.

[via GizMag]

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