Motorola gets social with the EX225 Facebook phone

The all-powerful social network slaps its moniker on another handset

Cramming a Facebook button in a phone keyboard is a sure way to attract the zombified social network masses and Bluetooth SIG has revealed that Moto is planning to follow in the wake of HTC’s ChaCha and Vodafone’s 555 by releasing a Facebook-centric device of their very own in the form of the EX225.

We presume that the inclusion of the talismanic social networking logo will help people gloss over the device’s paltry 2.4in display and 3MP camera, although the optical trackpad and dual-SIM compatibility do earn the device a few desperately needed brownie points.

No word on pricing or availability as yet but we’ll update our status the second it’s out – on the condition that you like it immediately and reply with a link to a cat video.


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