Motorola Droid specs leaked on Motorola website

Motorola has managed to leak the full deets of its second Android phone, the Droid, on its own website.Spotted in a few spy shots last week, we now kn

Spotted in a few spy shots last week, we now know we can expect a slider phone with a 3.7-inch, 16:9 touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera with zoom, autofocus and dual LED flash, full QWERTY keyboard  and a connectivity trio of Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS.

The specs also said the phone will have 385 minutes of talktime, or 270 hours on standby, and will come with a 16GB pre-installed microSD card.

There were no details on pricing or release date, but the fact its website is all ready to go, the rumoured November outing in the States certainly sounds possible.

We’re not expecting it to be long before we hear an official announcement from Motorola, but will we see it this side of the pond?

Let us know what you think below and be sure to check out our hands on video with Motorola’s first Android phone, the DEXT.

Via: Boy Genius Report