Motorola Droid HD and Bionic spotted

Could the Galaxy S II have a new challenger for the skinny phone crown?

What a week for Moto. First its Android arm gets snapped up by Google for a cool £12.5bn, then the toughphone upgrade Defy+ launches and now photos of two more specimens, the Bionic and Droid HD, have been leaked all over the web.

The smartphone sleuths over at Engadget were tipped off with photos of the two handsets and we're most excited about the looks and specs of the Droid HD. Giving the Samsung Galaxy S II a run for its money, the Motorola handset is estimated to be a sliver of a phone at between 8.5mm and 9mm.

There's still enough room for a 8MP and 1080p shooting rear-facing camera, front-facing snapper and a 4.5in screen – and we've got high hopes for the resolution what with HD in the title. Watch this space for more Moto rumours and leaks.


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