Motorola DEXT free…if you sign up for 24 months

Motorola's first Android phone, the Motorola DEXT, has been getting some admiring glances since we saw it last week. Now the pricing's here and if you

Your commitment will get you a touchscreen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3G, WiFi and a 5MP camera.

The big draw of the Motorola DEXT is obviously Motorola's Motoblur skinning of the Android OS which puts all your social networking stuff right on the homescreen.

It might be worth waiting a little while for Motorola's next Android device as the Motorola DEXT is just the first in a new line of handsets.

Is the Motorola DEXT appealing enough to draw you over to Orange for 2 whole years? And what do you think of mobile phone companies tying you up into such long deals?

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