Motorola Defy+ unveiled

Is it just chance that Google is buying Motorola as it adds a + to its product name? Coincidence aside, it looks great

What’s better than a Motorola Defy? A Motorola Defy+ of course. Google has already proved the value of adding a +, and now that it is buying Motorola’s Android business it makes sense to have a device with a + in the title.

Coincidence aside, the tough phone offers a few upgrades internally while keeping the everything-proof, Gorilla-glassed body in its tight form. In that super secure body will live a 1GHz TI OPAM 3620 processor, Android 2.3.4 and a 1700 mAh battery. No specific release date has surfaced, but you should be able to drop one in a cup of tea as soon as September.


Motorola Defy video

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