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Motorola Atrix out tomorrow

Orange has the Atrix on its site and is doing an amazing deal on the accompanying dock

The Motorla Atrix could be in your pocket as early as tomorrow. Orange, which has an exlusive on the dual-core superphone, briefly showed details of the pricing before its site went down again. The handset will be free on a £35/month contract and can include the wireless keyboard and HD multimedia dock with remote and mouse for a one-off £50. It’s a great price on kit worth about £130. The £300 laptop dock will be available for a reduced price on selected contracts. Let’s hope it’s reduced significantly considering it’s essentially a hollow laptop. But if the dock and dual operating systems don’t appeal, will the Atrix beat similar dual-core beasts like the LG Optimus 2X and Samsung Galaxy S II that are already on the market?


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