Motor Mouth Pieces – our pick of the best in-car Bluetooth handsfree and music streaming kit

iO Play from £ clever system that equips your car with Bluetooth A2DP music streaming and doubles as a top-drawer handsfree kit

iO Play from £110

A clever system that equips your car with Bluetooth A2DP music streaming and doubles as a top-drawer handsfree kit. Sound quality is up to that of most CD head units and ergonomics are faultless, though balance and tone aren’t adjustable. It’s also a discreet and inexpensive option – with only this little console on show – though installation costs an additional £90.

Stuff says: 5 stars


Motorola MOTOROKR T505 £70

This clips to your car’s sun visor and has a noise-cancelling microphone and potent 2W speaker for handsfree calls. A2DP tech allows it to stream music from equipped phones, while an FM transmitter relays them (or conversations) through your car’s hi-fi. Sound quality and ergonomics are good, but you’ll struggle to find any free space on the FM spectrum if you’re in town.

Stuff says: 4 stars

Clarion FB289RBT £150

This replaces your existing head unit and swaps out CD playback for MP3s on SD card, RDS FM radio and any music stored on your Bluetooth A2DP-equipped mobile. Build is a tad plasticky but control is intuitive, handsfree call and sound quality are good, and 728 colours of illumination steal the show.

Stuff says: 4 stars

Jabra JX20 Pura £100

Ignore the exorbitant price and look at the lovely charging stand and brushed titanium fascia. Both go some way to justifying the price, as does the standard of its headphone. Microphone quality is less competitive but it’s extremely light and small, unlike the wallet you’ll need to even consider paying £100 for it.

Stuff says: 4 stars

Jawbone NoiseAssassin £80

This newbie is light, comfortable (with a leather-wrapped ear loop) and unreasonably desirable. Clever NoiseAssassin tech rendered voices clearly for both wearer and caller even when we stood next to cement mixers, though chat sounds less natural than with alternatives. Smells nice, too.

Stuff says: 5 stars

Iqua 603 SUN £40

Recurring dreams about the ugly stick haunt the 603 SUN, and it’s not the most comfortable headset around, but it is a bargain nevertheless. A solar cell allows it to charge while it’s sitting on the dashboard (unless a scrote nicks it) and while headphone quality is trumped by others here it has an excellent microphone.

Stuff says: 5 stars


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