Moto X flagship phone will be contextually aware

Motorola boss reveals details of flagship phone ahead of summer launch

Motorola is working on a new flagship phone called the Moto X, set to launch this summer. That's according to Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside, speaking at the D11 conference in California. Woodside revealed that the Moto X will launch this summer – ahead of a major overhaul of Motorola's product line between now and October.

Charged by Google's Larry Page with taking Motorola "back to the roots of innovation," Woodside revealed some of those innovations at D11 – while keeping the phone itself firmly under wraps.

The US-built Moto X will feature two processors to help conserve battery life – necessary because the phone will be "contextually aware," using sensors to determine whether it's in or out of your pocket, for example. "It knows when I take it out of my pocket I might want to do something," said Woodside. "I might want to take a picture, so it fires up the camera.” The Moto X will also be able to determine whether you're driving a car and automatically change how you interact with it for added safety.

Although not confirmed, the Moto X is likely to be the Motorola X Phone that's been doing the rounds of the internet in recent months. Rumoured specs include a whopping 4000mAh battery and a 4.7in 1080p screen tucked behind Sapphire Glass.

[via TheNextWeb and CNET]