Motion controlled mics coming to Xbox 360

The Big M showed off their rather swanky new Xbox Dashboard over at E3 today, but when it came to the much-vauned motion sneing controller, all we got

A karaoke game in the same vain as Singstar, Lips isn’t exactly top priority gaming when it comes to the Xbox 360. The new mics will light up when you hit the right note and even pulse while you sing. Riiighhttt.

What is cool, however, is the fact that you can sing along to tunes stashed on your Mp3 player, meaning your karaoke session can take it epic tunes by Van Der Graaf Generator and any other prog nonsense you’ve got filed away.

That though, appears to be it for now in terms of motion-controlled action on the Xbox 360. Having promised much in a slew of web rumours, it looks like we’re going to have to make do with the newly beefed up Wii remote instead.