More pics of Nokia Tube unveiled

Remember folks, there are other touchscreen blowers out there. Including the Nokia Tube. That there is the latest spy shot of the cell to emerge, cour

The new phone is shown rocking a stylus. Ok if you like running around the City shouting “buy low, sell high.” Not ok if you like using your phone quickly on the move.

As previously reported, the cell, also dubbed the 5800 XpressMedia, will come with Symbian S60 Touch, a 3.2MP camera and HSDPA.

Talk is that it’ll be out in the second half of the year, but with everyone we know working out how to get out of their contract and grab an iPhone 3G, we think Nokia needs to hurry up.

You can get the full skinny on Nokia’s Apple–baiter by taking a look at out Nokia Tube preview.


Nokia 5800 XpressMedia Tube

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Nokia