More new Moto phones leak out

Just 24 hours after four super sharp new Motorola's weedled their way onto the web, three more extremely sharp looking blowers have landed online. And

Again, the pics come from BGR and the names are all fairly ludicrous – Niagara, Fairbanks and Harmony. Sadly, they're all set to change, but each looks like it will give major players from Nokia to Sony Ericsson plenty to think about in 2009.

Niagara is the looker of the bunch, clearly based on the winning design of the RAZR, with Fairbanks taking on rugged phone duties and following the touch sensitive music style of the E8, Harmony is all geared up to become Moto's big MP3 playing mobile.

We're really hoping that these phones will be making their way to these shores in early 2009. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that they'll be doing the rounds at CES, in which case we'll obviously be getting our hands–on them as soon as we touch down in Sin City. For more CES goods, check out our dedicated blog.