More on the N95

[intro]Having spent more time with Nokia's supersmartphone, I've come across a few design niggles…[/intro] You'll see from my previous post that I

You'll see from my previous post that I'm pretty enamoured by the N95. However, having spent more time with the phone, I've come across a couple of frustrations. Before going into them, it's worth noting I would undoubtedly find problems with the iPhone if I spent more time on it - in fact, I'll soon be writing a post on that very subject. But first...

I was wrong about the N95's screen. Disappointingly, it's not as hi-res as the N80's, despite being bigger. It's 240 x 320 pixels, compared to the N80's 352 x 416. This may be an attempt to preserve precious battery life, but I think it's a real shame - it's noticeable on the mapping application in particular. The iPhone's screen is an inch bigger and 320 x 480 pixels - quite a difference.

One other bugbear is the dual-sliding mechanism, which allows you to access media keys by sliding the screen down and keypad by sliding it up. Alas, this means that the phone is constantly unlocking in my pocket. Perhaps my jeans are too tight (hell, we're just post-christmas - we all need to shed a few pounds) but I find this really annoying. Particularly as my trouser area keeps making unwanted wooshing noises in embarrassing situations.